Media Buying

Success based on respect and trust

Media buying is at the centre of every media agency, but for us at Nunn Media, our core is much more than that. Everything we do is focussed on respect and trust. That applies to our clients, our staff, our media vendors, our clients’ customers and the wider community. That trust and respect is built from decades of strong relationships and a proven record across the country. We understand relationships and experience are vital in the media buying landscape, especially today’s. There has never been more ways to reach audiences and customers. We provide our clients with all the advantages of Australia’s largest independent media agency, and provide them with industry leading recommendations for their campaigns, using the most efficient and effective media mix available. We pride ourselves on the quality of our media buying and retain a trading mentality at all times. We view every interaction as another opportunity to drive greater value for our clients. Being independent allows us to put our clients first and focus on the best solutions for them. We are a media agency that is not tied down by global agency network publisher deals which can skew the media mix and station shares for the benefit of the global firms only.


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We have developed strong relationships with the media, and this helps our buyers negotiate for all of our clients, not just the clients who spend over $20 million. We pride ourselves on having some of the best in-market results for clients who spend anything from $500,000 to $10 million, clients the global agencies don’t care about.

Across our entire media agency, in every division, we take an approach with our clients that not a lot of other agencies do. We are more than just a supplier. We make sure we become an extension to our clients’ businesses, understanding what their overall objectives are and helping them get there. This allows our clients to focus on other parts of their businesses and leave the media buying with our experienced media agency staff to provide our best in-market buying.


We understand the changing markets

Every media agency will spruik their buying offering, but ours is the best in-market. Not only do our established relationships and reputation result in great buying discounts, but our experienced staff optimises each campaign to increase our buying efficiencies. Our entire media agency gets behind each campaign, not just our media buyers. Staff at all levels, including and especially the senior ones, have inputs into every campaign, no matter how big or how small, and an experienced buyer looks after each of our clients, not junior co-ordinators. This gets back to our philosophy of trust and respect through relationships and experience.

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Our experience shows us that TV is still number one when it comes to driving awareness. The TV landscape is constantly evolving and it’s our job to ensure our clients have the best in market buying. With new digital stations launching each year, the TV landscape continues to change and further fragment. This can make it difficult to reach audiences, but having a media agency that really understands these changes is crucial. As mentioned above, we have a trading mentality, which for TV means being quick and nimble to adjust buys as required. This is especially important for our retail clients who can be reactive throughout key sales periods. Our experience and emphasis on innovation has resulted in us developing a unique approach to TV trading. Almost every other media agency will brief the TV networks to build the schedule for you. We prefer to take a more manual approach by buying each campaign off-screen, allowing us to buy the TV programs we know are going to reach our audiences, rather than getting the leftover inventory that they can’t sell. This is where our market-leading tools come into play. We use Genesis to provide and review the buy and let us know if there are any programs that aren’t going to build our reach and frequency. This allows us to make the best of each campaign to deliver the highest possible reach.

As a media agency we are also big on research and customer insights. We don’t just buy a demographic or an audience, but try and look at what days, time of the day, station and even what program types are driving leads for our clients. This holistic approach lets us know our TV activity is driving traffic to our clients’ websites and Google searches. We also try and link our Search activity to align to our TV campaigns so we aren’t sending our leads to our client’s competitors. The great news for our clients is we are yet to find an account that we are not able to make substantial improvements to.

Going above and beyond

We bring our clients along with us in every campaign, but the relationship doesn’t end once the campaign does. Part of our trust mantra as a media organisation is transparency. We deliver a full post analysis at no extra cost, something any other global agencies will generally charge for. This allows us to compare planned versus bought TARPs and planned versus delivered CPMs, which we do every month as well. By analysing this we ensure the cost to our client isn’t going up each year with the changes in audiences, and we buy better and negotiate harder to continue to drive greater value.


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Value can mean different things to different clients. For some value it can be all about bonus activity, for others it can be about the buying strategies and insights we can offer, or even our service levels, where nothing is too difficult for our teams to manage. We also add value by using market-leading research tools to help our traders get the best information available. They include Genesis, Big Datr and Roy Morgan. Gensis makes the complex simple. It allows us to optimise TV media trading, analysis and reporting. Big Datr is our advertising competitive intelligence tool. It provides competitive data that highlights volume of activity, channels, and creative messaging. Roy Morgan is a well-known research tool that provides media consumption data for a specific target audience.

These are just some of the tools we use to offer the best in-market trading solutions for all our clients.