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Who we are

Nunn Media is the largest independent media agency in Australia and has been proudly 100% Australian owned for all of its 13 years. Director Matt Nunn started the company with one goal in mind: To create a media agency that can help all clients, especially smaller advertisers, compete with the big boys. Matt’s sporting background gives him a competitive edge, a never-say-die attitude and a loyalty that is the hallmark of the organisation. Matt’s diverse media and Melbourne media agency background has resulted in extensive experience of what works and what doesn’t in the advertising and marketing landscape. Rather than sit back and direct, Matt and the rest of our executive team and management group are proud to take a hands-on approach to our clients and their businesses. They work alongside our business teams and our clients to ensure there are strong senior contributions at all levels. Our Managing Director, Chris Walton, has been in the media business for more than 20 years and is one of Australia’s most experienced media professionals. His mantra of trust and collaboration is weaved through every fibre of our company.


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Tara Caruana is our Trading Director and has been exposed to some of Australia’s largest and toughest clients over the years. Her overarching aim is to help clients see media as a simple function, despite it taking a lot of hard work.

The digital space is the workroom of any modern Sydney or Melbourne media agency and our Digital Director Justine Scott thrives on, and in, the digital cosmos. Her focus is to demystify media strategy and make it simple and easy to understand for our clients.

Accountant and Director Kim Nunn is friendly and always prepared to go the extra mile for our clients. Her door is always open to answer the tricky, and not-so tricky, questions clients can sometimes ask of a media agency.

We have 50 full-time staff in Sydney and Melbourne, which allows us to grow our clients’ businesses from across Australia, and we are proud to do it in a cost-effective way. Our clients are not our top priority – they are our only priority.

What we do

As a leading Australia media agency, our comprehensive suite of integrated media strategy, planning and buying is constantly evolving, but one thing remains the same – our focus to drive our clients’ sales.
And we don’t do that simply by ratchetting on a strategy or a plan, we do it by listening. We are proud to take a holistic and integrated approach to building successful media strategies, and to do that we need to have a deep understanding of our clients’ business challenges and objectives. We start by looking beyond media to ensure solutions are tailored to align to business systems, services and customer touch points.

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The key to that is building strong relationships. By listening to our clients, we can work together to develop media plans that incorporate business insights and are not based on our industry experience alone. We understand the relationship and cause and effect between media channels, and by being collaborative, we ensure we deliver on our clients’ business and media objectives.

Whether it be finding the right media vendor, negotiating a better deal, planning for future growth, devising a winning strategy or developing a network with the right people, Nunn Media is a media agency that doesn’t deviate from providing tier-one services to its clients. Our service levels are geared to each individual client, to ensure their expectations are exceeded and they can all benefit from our talent and experience.

What we believe

It is not unheard of for a media agency to talk a good game, but fail to deliver. However, that is unheard of in our offices. At Nunn Media, our values define how we work and who we work with.
They’re the foundation of our business and one of the key reasons for our success.

We have a simple philosophy: All great relationships are built on trust. We partner with our clients and media vendors in a very open and engaging way. With trust comes respect, a respect that applies to our clients, staff, media vendors and the community as a whole. As a Sydney and Melbourne media agency we believe our success is not about what we do, but how we do it.

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Whether you are our largest client or our smallest client, you will be treated the same way, and have access to the same quality senior expertise and exceptional account service. That is how trust works. We work with our clients and with media vendors and other marketing partners to provide exceptional value through collaboration and a focus on people.


With trust and respect as our main values, our mission is to provide the best in-market buying and strategic solutions for medium-sized advertisers.

However, collaboration doesn’t have to limit innovation. We ensure everything we deliver is to the highest industry standards, while at the same time continually looking for that extra edge. As an Australia media agency we know the world is increasingly becoming connected and automated. Our focus is to ensure digital is at the heart of everything we do and use our digital expertise and creative partners to recommend channels that have our clients’ interest at heart.

If there is one thought behind every relationship we have, every media vendor we recommend and every strategy we create it is to never, ever be complacent. Being Australia’s leading independent media agency means providing exceptional value for exceptional results.