Social Media Agency Offering

An experienced social team that is driven by results

As a media agency, digital is at the core of what we do and who we are. And with three quarters of Australians active users of social media, we have developed an innovative and experienced social media team to help our clients command and capture attention in all the social platforms.

We work within the digital team, which means access to industry-leading technology and strategy for all our clients. Whether it be search engine optimisation, content-driven returns on investment, website health or search engine marketing, our digital team is getting results by putting the client first.

Nunn Media is a media agency that ensures all our senior staff members have input on all our campaigns, no matter how big or how small, to take full advantage of their skills, experience, and relationships. That is one of the many reasons we are Australia’s leading independent media agency.

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Central to our commitment to our clients is trust. We believe in taking a holistic approach to our campaigns, by delving deeper into our client’s objectives, understanding their business challenges and the market, and tailoring a social media strategy that is both seamless and collaborative.

We integrate our strategies with the wider digital team to ensure both scale and visibility. As a successful media agency we understand that social media is not something that is just tacked on to a wider digital plan. It can be, in some cases, the plan itself. In fact, up to 40% of our social media advertising clients only advertise on social media. This shows the strength of Nunn Media as a media agency, and the strength of our advocacy and our social offering.

Social focus has never been more important

As mentioned above, three quarters of Australians are active social media users. The 2016 Sensis Social Media Report also highlighted Australians are now spending more than half a day per week – 12.5 hours – on Facebook alone. That is four hours more than they did last year. This is just another example of why, as a media agency, we believe social media is a key part of any campaign, no matter what the objective.

At Nunn Media, we start by applying strength and measures against weaknesses. This gets back to understanding the challenges faced by a company or a brand and understanding how to address them. Consumers are now using smartphones more than any other device to access social media, so a strategy that understands a client’s audiences and behaviour should be top of the list of any media agency. To understand as much as we can about audiences, we use platform tools such as facebook data, as well as media agency-leading data such as Roy Morgan and Quantium. On top of this, our access to numerous other data sources allows us to understand individual categories, as well as wider publisher and consumer relationships. For example, a real estate agent client can benefit from our relationships with REA and Domain, as well as the data they can provide. These cross benefits make us attractive as a media agency to a diverse range of clients.

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Despite constantly looking for ways to innovate and grow our client’s businesses, when it comes to identifying the most relevant advertising objective, we strip things back. We start by asking the simple question: What is the most important outcome I want from this ad? That allows us to focus our strategies on individual outcomes, whether they be boosting sales, increasing website traffic, generating leads or app downloads. It can be easy to get lost in the digital landscape, but we are a media agency that focuses on cutting through the noise and making sure our client’s brands are both seen and heard.

Targeting Facebook and producing quality content

Our advertising and content strategies are two other ways we stand out as a media practice. We pride ourselves on being Facebook advertising specialists. Given about 15 million Australians are users of Facebook, we understand the importance of working directly with the company, as well as third party publishers, to ensure our clients have access to the best-in-class talent. This allows us to provide direction and insight when executing campaigns and highlights the importance of being results-driven, hands-on paid social advertising specialists. Facebook and their products change rapidly and we want our clients to be at the forefront of the opportunities they provide.

At Nunn Media, we understand that more than ever, content is king. Social media is a very noisy place when it comes to content, and customers can be overwhelmed to the point of dismissal if a business’ content approach does not stand out. Our approach to content, particularly when it comes to websites, touches on premium and industry leading SEO considerations, influencer outreach and finding the most suitable content for native and social media channels.

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We know, and it was reiterated in the 2016 Sensis Social Media Report, that consumers are attracted to social media content that is positive, relevant and engaging. It is also important to keep it fresh and still create excitement in a brand or a campaign. Such a strategy can build trust with the consumer and result in positive interaction.

This content can then be amplified across various channels, including social, native, the brand’s website and third party websites and blogs, including influencer channels. This allows for both organic and paid coverage across multiple sources.