Nunn Media’s Digital Agency Offering

The digital landscape is constantly evolving and it’s our job to ensure our clients are at the forefront of the digital marketing space. With digital ad spend set to surpass TV in 2017 having a media agency that really understands the channel is crucial. The team at Nunn media pride themselves on evolving and changing with the fast pace of the industry to provide our clients with a best in market digital agency offering.

At Nunn we help our clients achieve their business and marketing objectives through tailored end to end digital media solutions. We understand the importance of a holistic approach to media and therefore integrate our digital people into the overall media teams. Each team within our media agency has a dedicated digital account manager and coordinator.

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We are specialists in understanding the consumers online journey and work seamlessly to connect your consumers across a range of digital touch points. As an independent agency we focus on the best solution for our clients and are not tied down by global agency publisher deals.

Our digital agency offering includes strategy, paid search, SEO and CRO, social marketing and content strategy, media buying and implementation, insights measurement and analytics.

At Nunn me we have a unique approach to search.

Most agencies rely heavily on bid management systems when it comes to your campaigns optimisations. Our media agency prefer to take a more manual approach. We use one of the best in market tools to provide a review of the account. Combining this with the teams industry and vertical knowledge we are able to make optimisations that have a positive impact on your account. We are yet to find an account that we are not able to make substantial improvements to.

Our digital agency offering and approach to display and performance

Our approach varies from many multi-national agencies in that we are not tied in by contracts to working with any particular publishers or trading desks. We work with a number of different publishers and DSPs to deliver the best results for clients. Fluid budgets allow movement to best performing activity, creative and environments.

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Mobile now accounts for more than half the traffic to any given site. Searches on a desktop will continue to decrease as mobile becomes the go to search tool for consumers. As part of our digital agency offering we ensure everything we plan has a cross device approach. The team has a thorough understanding of the role mobile plays throughout the path to purchase. We can offer advice on the best mobile approach and creative solutions that will deliver results.

Social is an important awareness and conversion channel

Over the last few years social is a channel we have chosen to invest resources in. With the team growing rapidly we are able to offer clients anything from strategy to content creation to highly targeted paid social campaigns. We provide a detailed social strategy to clients based on their objectives. Each client has varied needs in this space and it is our aim to address and provide solutions that will help them reach their KPIs.


Paid social plays a big role in our digital agency offering. We work very closely with the strategists and research analysist at Nunn to ensure we are reaching the right audience. Social channel selection and custom targeting segments are created off the back of the audience analysis. Ads are constantly optimised, creative updated, and insights provided to the client regularly. Key learnings from paid social ads can be used to guide creative in other media channels.

Insights, measurement and analytics is at the heart of what we do

We provide clients with custom built dashboards to ensure their reporting needs are being met. The dashboards provide results and insights across channels such as display, video, social, search and performance. The dashboards are used to not only inform clients but for the team internally to make optimisation across the best performing channels, placements and creative. We are experts at analysing data to constantly refine, better target and improve your results.

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To accurately track client results we use a third party adserver called Sizmek. This gives our digital agency central access to all publisher results and allows us to measure beyond just a click. By using Versatag we are able to track conversions on a client site from a particular placement. We track various conversions such as a lead, visit to a store locator page, online sale etc. By tracking online conversions we are able to make more informed decisions on which channels are performing the strongest. Using Sizmek also allows us to hold publishers accountable for the results they deliver. In addition we can track ad verification and viewability, important metrics in the industry with the rise of programmatic activity.

At Nunn we don’t just do digital, we are digital.

Why is Nunn Media different when it comes to digital advertising?

  • We are fully integrated with all media channels, we take a holistic approach and provide a unified response
  • We focus on the best channels / publishers for the client (not profitability)
  • We are constantly seeking best in market technology and targeting. We are not tied to a particular trading desk
  • We offer all digital media channels (display, video, mobile, performance, search, social, SEO) from the one agency

What digital research tools does Nunn have to help with planning and buying?

Nielsen Netview
An online panel with over 200,000 individuals that gives us insights and trends around the online behaviour of the consumer. It allows us to analyse website traffic, run demographic analysis & identify trends.

A mobile and display advertising competitive intelligence tool. Pathmatics provides competitive data that shows us volume of activity, channels, and creative messaging.

Roy Morgan
A research tool that provides media consumption data for a specific target audience. Time spent online, top websites, and device consumption are just some of the data metrics we have access to.

What Nunn Media offices offer digital solutions?

Melbourne Office
Nunn Media
2/228-230 Bay St, Brighton VIC 3186 Pty Ltd.
(03) 9519 1111

Sydney Office
Nunn Media
9/54 Miller St, North Sydney NSW 2060
(02) 9929 9999

Who are some key digital team members?

  • Justine Scott, Digital Director Melbourne, 14 years experience
  • Peter Wilson, Digital Director Sydney, 18 years experience
  • James Belias, Brand Engagement Manager, 18 years experience
  • Justin Grossbard, Media Director – Search + SEO specialist, 14 years experience