Consumer Insight

We know people

People and consumer insight analysis are what we are about. Front and centre of our business model as a media agency is a simple philosophy that all great relationships are built on trust, so we partner with clients and media vendors in a very open and engaging way. But we aren’t just interested in our clients and our vendors. We are interested in their consumers. When it comes to people, we want to know as much as we can. We want to know what they think, how they feel, how they act and why they act, and what they want, need and desire. This is easy to say, but how do you do it? How do you find out who your consumer is, how loyal they are and how they make decisions? Where do these consumers find out about new brands and products and what most influences their choices? What do they think of our client’s brand and how it stacks up against the competition? These are all questions that are integral to our planning process. We know that a media agency must be much more than a place to book ads and get the best deal. We use consumer insights to help our clients met their objectives. At Nunn Media, everything we do centres around informed insight. We help our clients target their audience more efficiently, promote behavioural change in their consumers and grow their market share. We are addicted to our clients’ success and we want to bring the best tools available to the table. And it’s more than just talk. As Australia’s largest independent media agency we know all this needs to be translated into how we communicate and engage with each and every consumer. Our clients need to know their investment is making the biggest difference it can to their business. And we use every ounce of our experience, across all our departments, to make that happen in every campaign.Consumer Insight image 1


We go beyond the superficial

We don’t just focus on who people are or where they are from. We strive to know them. People live in the real world. They have different needs, different values, different behaviours, different drivers and different perceptions. They are all looking for something that works for them. It can be something that makes life easier, something that says something about who they are, something that they aspire to have and be, or something that saves them money and helps their budget. Our insight team discovers this reality and how the modern media landscape influences their lives, their attitudes and their behaviours. Our research allows us to get to know customers and how best we can engage them as a media agency. We focus on identifying the best ways to connect with consumers, both personally and at scale, in the ever-evolving media world. It’s not that common for a media agency to immerse itself in the lives of consumers, but that’s what we do. We know that what consumers say and what they do isn’t always the same thing. We aim to get a better understanding and insight into who they are how they behave, as well as how they interact with brands and communications in their world, not the world of a media agency or advertiser. Any client who works with us as a media agency can expect to have conversations with people about the results that matter. The people you’ll work with are in touch with the real world, have enough perspective to focus on the things that matter, are prepared for change and are sincere and curious.

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Discovering the consumer truth

We take a holistic approach across our entire media agency, and it is not surprising to know that includes our Insights team. What we discover about consumers is fed into the planning and strategy teams to inform recommendation directions and create strategies and plans. Everything we do is tailored to inspire and inform our planners and the recommendations they develop for our clients’ businesses. Our holistic approach assesses not only consumer attitudes and behaviours, but the brand and its competition, the communication norms and landscape of each category and the culture and trends of the operating environment. We combined all this with media-usage data, online resources and bespoke quantitative and qualitative research to give us a clear picture of the opportunities and what needs addressing.


By working so closely with our clients, and looking so closely at their consumers, we aim to discover what we call the consumer truth. This is a simple truth that guides our thinking and can create business opportunities for our clients. We know as a media agency that consumer truth is the key learning, or key insight, that has the greatest opportunity to change consumer behaviour and drive the success of our clients’ business. It is a tangible, actionable truth that will influence where and how we connect with consumers. We believe it is an insight that delivers results. The lengths we go to for our clients are underpinned by our values of trust and respect. By respecting our clients, their consumers and our media vendors, we aim to produce the best in-market buying and strategic solutions.

Consumer Insight image 3.jpgAs a media agency we also believe that collaboration brings innovation and we ensure everything we deliver is to the highest industry standards, while at the same time continually looking for that extra edge.