Media Strategy

What we do

When it comes to media strategy it isn’t unknown for a media agency to simply tell a client what they will do and what will work. However, at Nunn Media, we don’t work like that. We never have. Sure, our strategic planning process is based on decades of experience and first-class relationships with media vendors across the country, but as Australia’s largest independent media agency, our focus isn’t our history, it’s your future.

Nunn Media has developed a philosophy across all sections of our media agency, one based on collaboration. We truly believe that taking a holistic approach to a client’s business is vital to building a successful media strategy. Ways of communicating are changing now more than ever, and channels that used to deliver success have declined. Even strategies based around targeting digital audiences are now being questioned. As a media agency we see every day that niche media is growing and new ways of having conversations with people are emerging as consumers look to constantly avoid conversations.

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So it only makes sense that a media strategy based on media alone is not enough. At Nunn Media we go deeper to develop an understanding of our clients’ business challenges and objectives to tailor a strategy that gets to the core of who they are and what they want to do. We align with their business systems, services and consumer touch points to help provide a seamless and collaborative experience for our clients and media partners.

When we look to invest a client’s media budget, we do it in a way that allows our media agency to become extensions to their business. It is through building that relationship and that trust can we deliver on our clients’ business and media objectives.

How we do it

Stephen King’s classic Planning Cycle is used by advertising and marketing agencies around the world, and our planning approach reframes King’s and puts it in a media agency framework. We work together with the client to set in in place a continuous learning, experimentation, adaptation and evolution structure.

It starts by asking where we are. Through this process we work alongside clients to uncover their key business and marketing objectives. The objectives are reaffirmed at different stages to ensure success can be measured. We then move to why we are here. As a media agency, we pride ourselves on knowing as much about the consumer as we cen. The more we know them, the better we can develop a strategy and a plan to reach them. We ask how the business or the brand is performing, what competitors are doing and what the needs of the consumers are and, just as importantly, what their expectations are. When doing this, it is important to also look at the category and cultural trends that impact on a brand. Once we better understand that and know as much as we can, we are in a position to derive insights based on consumers’ relationship with the brand and map the journey they take from brand awareness through to purchase, and how we can best reach them.

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From this position we can set objectives to identify where we want to be. Part of the success of our media agency is working with the knowledge that the most effective campaigns focus on a single objective. Once we are there we can define the strategy and how it will work and align all of the campaign elements to that plan.

Next is developing a strategy to work out how to get to where we want to be. At Nunn Media we believe that implementation ideas are at the heart of the best integrated approaches. The goal is to create a plan that is task-driven, rather than media or channel-driven. Connecting every channel in a plan is the best way to produce a seamless campaign that uses a brand’s owned and earned media as well mass communication strategies.

What are the results?

The one thing clients want from any media organisation is success. The final step in our process is to evaluate and measure that success, but not just in the short term. We know it is important to get results that last, and we measure success over the immediate, medium and long term. We stand by our accountability and we learn from everything we do, and develop it further.

The measure of success is the delivery of the objectives and we track, measure and analyse campaigns over the long term against the proposed deliverables. Success of a campaign is measured through an extensive range of performance-based tools and partners across display, social, search and programmatic. This allows us to optimise the media budgets of our clients and gives the process full transparency and accountability.

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As a leading media agency, we know the power of attribution for improving return on investment for our clients. Attribution modelling is an agile, dynamic and granular approach that can add insight for clients who want a more detailed, timely read on the performance of their campaign. With the continual fragmentation of audiences and the shift in TV-watching habits, there can be a real benefit to work with real-time attribution tools to ensure a campaign works smarter and can optimise activity based on responses.