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We bring our clients best-in-market technology

Our focus at Nunn Media is to ensure digital and search engine marketing is at the heart of everything we do. And search is an important part of almost every marketing program. As a media agency we see every day that niche media is growing and new ways of having conversations with people are emerging, as consumers look to constantly avoid conversations. We have developed a sophisticated search strategy based around paid searches and SEO that helps our clients crash through the digital clutter. It delivers our clients’ products directly to customers with direct actions and direct and transparent measurables. As Australia’s largest independent media agency, our approach, partnerships and attention to detail ensures best-in-market practice for clients with budgets of all sizes. Using industry-leading technology, we can help your business stand out online and make sure your brand is always there when your customers are searching. We are a media agency that has a real focus on innovation and experience, and understands that the digital space can be a complicated one. We can look at every aspect of your digital presence to help you significantly boost traffic and sales.

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Our aim is to produce increases in revenue and return on investment for our clients, decreases in cost per clicks and an agile strategy that allows unprecedented insights into campaign performance. We also believe our search strategies, methodology, skill and experience are the best in the country.

Efficiency and effectiveness through paid searches

Our clients know that in the media agency world we constantly push to be a leader in search and everything it offers them and their business objectives. Our innovative strategies focus around paid searches and SEO, using a manual optimisation process we believe maximises results. Our paid search approach is centred on two key objectives – efficiency and effectiveness. We push to get the best rate from Google based on Quality Score, which directly impacts on the average cost per click for our clients. We then buy the right inventory on Google by targeting the optimal search terms, bidding at the right time and tailoring strategies to different devices. By purchasing the right search terms at the right time, we aim to minimise waste and increase return on investment. Our paid search strategies have helped our clients increase their Quality Score by as much as 52% over 12 months, and decrease cost per clicks by more than half. Another of our valued clients saw revenue jump 120% on the back of our campaign, and a return-on-investment improvement of 54%, all while seeing the cost per clicks drop 24%.

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An SEO strategy that is more than just rankings

Search Engine Optimisations has been a key focus of every media agency for a number of years. At Nunn Media we know how significantly a top Google ranking can boost web traffic and sales, and we use market-leading technology to help our clients get there. We also know how poor SEO strategy can result in long-term ranking disadvantage and harsh penalties that can have devastating effects on a business’ objectives. That is why we provide premium SEO solutions that are concentrated on high-quality content and high-quality link-building activity. Our goal is not just to maximise SEO traffic, but to maximise sales and leads from organic searches. Our approach has two key objectives – rankings and leads. We work hard to get the best rankings on Google and make sure they are on highly-searched-for queries. We also secure existing rankings from competitor campaigns, to give our clients the industry edge. As a leading media agency in this field, we turn traffic into leads and make sure landing pages convert relevant traffic into leads or sales. We also work with your website structure to avoid traffic from leaking to other sites and pages. Our goal is to dominate rankings and increase traffic and sales for our clients and our track record speaks for itself. Over two years we increased the online traffic for a gift retailer by 806% and maximised revenue by 834%. We worked with another major retail chain to dominate category rankings, increase SEO revenue by 563%, increase revenue by 563% and increase new users by 541%. By working closely with us, an Australian health insurance company increased its SEO sessions by almost 720%, dominated category rankings, increases traffic by 718% and maximised leads by more than 860%.

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Helping our clients lead the way

Like everything we do, our search successes and strategies are based around taking a holistic approach to our clients’ businesses. Our philosophy across all sections of our media firm is to work in collaboration with our clients towards their business objectives. When it comes to search, we are results-oriented and want our clients to be first to market with the latest strategies and innovation. Our processes are solid and backed by leading software such as Optymzr, LinkResarch Tools, Moz, aHrefs and Copyscape. We also use SEMrush, Siteliner, Similar Web and Visual Website Optimizer to bring you industry-leading insights and strategy. At Nunn Media we believe in being open and transparent and our relationships with our clients, media vendors and the community are built on trust and respect. All our search work is documented for clients, to convey the ‘white hat’ nature and high quality of strategies implemented, and their impact on rankings.

We use our experience and innovation to demystify digital media and search for our clients, and deliver strategies, recommendations and solutions in a language that’s easy to understand.