Market Research

Consumer-led data that answers the right questions

As Australia’s largest independent media agency, we understand there is nothing more important than knowing your customer. And we pride ourselves in digging as deep as we can to give our clients industry leading data that can help their campaigns succeed. In an increasingly detailed and bespoke world, we identify and use the best research solutions available to assist in the decision-making process. Our clients expect a media agency that finds the answers they need, and that’s what we do. Consumers are our data points and we use consumer-led data to help shape communication strategies and inform business decisions. We believe there is no such thing as enough data, and we never stop asking until we find the answers to our clients’ questions.

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We use market research to inform marketers, which allows them to be accountable for the effect of their investments. And we do it as a team. The experience throughout our entire office is gleaned with every campaign, bringing decades of success to every client. We employ both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies to measure and track brand equity, evaluate the effectiveness of campaigns, test ideas and campaigns, identify and understand customer segments, understand the path-to-purchase and forecast client performance. Having such an integrated approach allows us to develop something we see as vital for any relationship between a media agency and a client – trust. We work closely with our clients to understand not just what they want out of a campaign, but what their objectives as a business are. We almost become an extension of their organisation, researching their customers, their competitors and the category, to help them grow.

We leave no stone unturned

We live and breathe research, but not run-of-the-mill media agency research. We go deeper. To us, deep research and deep analysis leads to deep impact. We focus on exploring and discovering insights that help shape communication ideas and inform business decisions and objectives. Our approach is simple: to talk to as many consumers as we can, as deeply as we can, to make the greatest impacts we can. We can never know enough about our client’s consumers, and we use a range of research approaches to step into their world. We are not a media agency that sits in the office all day, relying solely on data and gut instinct to deliver campaigns. We know how important getting out of the office is and the effect it can have on the quality of a campaign. We focus our research on four critical areas: the consumer, the category, the brand and communication. We want to know who the consumers are and how they make decisions when choosing a product. We also want to know why they feel the way they do about a brand and who they turn to for advice on buying a product. However, as a media agency we don’t just stop there.

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At Nunn Media we use our extensive experience in other areas such as social media and SEO analysis to take our research even further. It’s usually the perfect time to conduct market research when businesses are asking a lot of questions about the consumer, the brand or advertising. We can offer our clients a better understanding of who their consumer is and how to best connect with them. Our holistic approach to both market research and media buying strategies in general gives our clients the peace of mind of leaving no stone unturned, and being accountable at the same time. We know they expect nothing less from a leading media agency.

Delivering anything but standard

To us, market research is about discovering a fundamental truth or insight that fuels the planning process and leads to stronger and more inspired communication ideas and campaigns. As a media agency we can offer more than stand-alone research agencies. We are focused on conducting research that leads to actions by our own planning teams, and research that will make a difference to our planning and the recommendations we make to our clients. Because we use consumer-led data, we can test and explore scenarios and campaigns, creating a more comprehensive package for our clients. We also apply perception and intention data to help understand the market landscape, profile target markets and frame market size and potential. The importance of this cannot be understated.

As mentioned before, we spend the time to use both quantitative and qualitative data to help us find the answers our clients want. Quantitative data is used to collect data when something specific needs to be measured. This is a common media agency method that, as an example, can help us understand how many consumers are aware of a particular brand or advertising campaign, or how many consumers perceive a brand in a particular way. This kind of research is usually used to profile consumers, for segmentation, brand-health studies, consumer brand uplift measurement and consumer usage and attitude studies. We can design quantitative research to measure almost anything.

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Qualitative research allows us as a media agency to focus more on understanding consumer behaviour and the reasons behind that behaviour. It allows us to go further than just numbers, and explore why consumers do what they do and how they do it. To get the best information you have to be prepared to go further and our qualitative research is typically conducted face-to-face, in focus groups or in consumers’ homes. We also have the option of conducting the research in online forums, videos and in-store observations. This allows for comprehensive data that can have a big impact on campaigns. We use qualitative research to explore topics like why consumers think about a brand in a particular way, what their motivations are for purchasing a specific product, and how they make decisions about what to brands/products to buy. As a media agency that focuses on helping small to medium-sized businesses, we know the importance of individual, bespoke market research. There is nothing standard or cookie-cutter about our clients’ business, and as a media agency we deliver research that is well above standard.