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Nunn was born twenty years ago from a desire to create something better. Better for clients, better for team members, better for partners, and a better approach to media. We think we are getting there.

Media, technology, identity, and consumer decision making are fragmented and complex. This will only accelerate with Nunn aiding our clients in navigating the nuance of human behaviour and the opportunity presented through the convergence of marketing and technology.

Our promise is to create a meaningful connection between a brand and their audience so they both can thrive, by helping our clients navigate and simplify what is an increasingly complex and fragmented communications landscape.

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Relevance Is Everything

The way we communicate across all audience touch points including paid, earned, and owned, and the content deployed within these spaces play a leading role in this provision of audience value. Ensuring media compliments and enhances our clients’ ability to provide solutions to a specific audience need, want, or challenge at each stage of the customer decision journey is critical. This is what we call relevance and has shaped our business.

We go as far as saying ‘relevance is everything’.

Relevance at its core is applying right person, right place, right message fundamentals across a complex customer journey. Complexity born of identity, channel, technology, platform, and media fragmentation. Relevance is a customer expectation and catalyst for growth.

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The Relevant Ingredients

Audience value
Customer need, motivation, barrier, challenge, desire
Connection opportunity
Holistic planning & activation underpinned by analytics & technology
Journey understanding
Category or brand path analysis
Creative synergy
Creative/ media/ customer alignment
Analytics knowledge
Media & marketing effectiveness, technology & data protocols

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